Why Productivity matters in this day and age?

Sulav Jung Hamal - Blog - 2023/03/25 -

Why Productivity matters in this day and age?

Hello lovely human being, You clicked this link to learn more about productivity and how to stay productive. I can tell you exactly what every other productivity guru says, and also exactly what you came here to hear. But how often have you actually applied those productivity mantras after reading or hearing them? None, right? Then what's the point of repeating them to you again and again? So let me be honest with you. Even, I started writing this article with the intention of giving some productivity tips, but then I realized that writing this article itself is a waste of time for me. Well, What do I even know about productivity then?

With that being said, I do know a few things that can help you stay on track and motivate yourself. However, I suggest you listen to them with one ear and release them from the other like most of us usually do. These tips will only give you a dopamine release for a few minutes, so stay with this article for a split second.

1. The Nonsense Pomodoro Technique

This is one of the most useless techniques that might have worked for someone in the past who lived in a world without the internet, but it hasn't worked for me yet. So I highly recommend that you waste some time downloading apps and figuring out how they work. I know you will watch 10 videos to find the best app and then 10 more to learn how to use it most effectively. Doing so will waste 2 hours of your day. Then you will use the technique to study for 25 minutes, and your 5-minute break will be changed to 2 hours of social media usage after that. Like I said, it's the best thing to come across if you're looking to waste some time.

If that didn't work for you, what might work is to train yourself to control your habits and behaviors. At first, you have to realize that everything you do is hard. Not hard in the sense that the task is hard, but rather because you feel uncomfortable doing it. So, what you end up doing is moving it to later times. But know this: just because something is hard doesn't mean it will get easier later on. So instead of using the Pomodoro Technique to make that 25-minute short run, try to be mindful of the situation around you and study your feelings and emotions. Make yourself aware of what's going on and what you do to avoid doing things when things get hard. And make counter-steps to avoid making the same mistake. The Pomodoro Technique can only push you for 25 minutes, but this will take you a long way.

2. Not so useful Multi-tasking

Other than using your phone during the poop-time, I find this productivity technique to be the worst tips there exist to stay productive. Whoever thought of this as a productivity tip? The person must have been pooping when they came up with it. Whoever discovered this might have also discovered how to drive and use a phone at the same time. I hope you are not using this technique. Really, the question is, how can a person use this technique? I can't even walk properly when I'm using my phone. How can anyone do two things at once, especially when we are talking about being productive in both things? I can't think of one. If you can, good for you. You can always try this well-respected technique of multitasking, but have you tried the technique of doing only one thing at a time? It is quite handy to be able to focus on one thing at a time. Focusing on one thing, free of all the past, future, what's, and what's not, is the peaceful way of dealing with things. It helps you understand things better, see clearly, and be present in the moment. I highly recommend this technique to you.


With all that blabbering, finding 10 articles that say the same thing isn't productive, and neither is finding this one and wasting your time reading it. In plain sense, being productive is not wasting time on things that don't matter. I hope I made everything clear for you. Now I'm wondering, does writing this article make me productive or not productive? Also, am I a productive guru from now on?

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