Horrible week of front end submission

Sulav Jung Hamal - Blog - 2024/04/27 -

Horrible week of front end submission

Let me talk about the cover image quickly. That is how I felt this week, all chaos and barely organized.

It's been a couple of months since I last wrote a blog post. Blog posts have always been about something exciting that I learned and that I want to share with other people. Sometimes they are about things that I find hard to figure out. When I do, I want to have them available for others to find and make that process easier.

It's not that I haven't learned anything interesting in the last couple of months. Actually, the last couple of months have been one of the most stressful and yet quite life-changing educational periods for me. I've been diving into different technologies and learning intricate details that could be used in the field of software development. I could write about them all day long, but this blog post isn't about software or technologies. What it is about is still something that I'm trying to figure out, to be honest. I have no idea what it will turn out to be. But I know for a fact, I don't want to write about any technical or methodological ideas.

I've been collecting, or at least making a list of, things that I want to write about in my next blog post. I have at least 15 titles that are just a couple of paragraphs above this paragraph. Each of those titles comes from random daily experiences. Some are motivated by the movies that I watched. Some are from the things that I saw and noticed. Some are from the conversations that I had. But mostly, they are about how I feel. Going through each of the titles, I realize that I feel all different emotions. I was afraid that they might all be about something sad, but interestingly enough, they are not. Some are about fun things, some are about positive vibes, and some are just random thoughts that don't make any sense as of right now.

Writing blogs might come easy for others, but for me, it's about the flow of ideas. Ideas that are hatched a week in advance, thought about for another, and then written throughout multiple days. Sure, some could finish them in one sitting, but not for me. I don't think I could finish writing all I want to write in one sitting. With all the other things to take care of, it isn't really something that I get to do for a whole day or a couple of hours straight. Honestly, I'm glad that I don't get to do that. I like to take this as a fun thing to do or a place to have my thoughts laid out. I like to make it as a creative outlet. It isn't something I have to do right away. It isn't something that I have a deadline to finish. I do it at the time when I hate doing every other thing.

There are times where I even hate to watch movies, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter(x). I don't know if you feel the same way or not, but that's how draining these social media platforms feel to me. They sure take you away from the problems that you don't want to deal with in the moment. That is nice for the problems that are outside of your control. But for the problems that you eventually have to deal with or the consequences you have to go through, I think these are bad, at least that is how I feel. There might be papers and research done on this that concludes social media is bad, but there for sure are papers that will tell you otherwise. So, I guess we have to think about it ourselves and decide what to do with them.

Don't get me wrong, but it's not like I hate them. I find them reasonable for sharing ideas and reaching a large population of similar interests. But I don't like them as content-consuming platforms. Well, everything has its pros and cons. So, in order to have a platform to find people with common interest, we might need to forget about the addictiveness of them as content-consuming platforms. With that being said, I am concerned about the people who define themselves from these platforms and the metrics attached to their accounts.

Blab Blab Blab... and here we are. I was hoping to keep it short. I think it is longer than my liking. I wanted to make these blogs weekly. At least, I'll try. I do write a daily journal, but blogs are a little bit more structured. When it comes to writing things in structure, there goes the realism down the drain.

Anyway, I wanted to add a couple of different sections to these weekly blogs. If you are interested in sharing your point of view, feel free to send me a message, and we could do something about it.


If you know me personally, you know that I like to take pictures that aren't portraits of others. This week wasn't that interesting as there was a lot of college work pressure. We had a front-end submission for our big project, and I had a couple of all-nighters and headaches. So, I don't have pictures from this week, but I do have pictures that I took in the last couple of months. Here are those:

Content Admired

Even though I mentioned I don't like watching Instagram but it isn't always the case. When I do, I try to follow the people that creates the content that moves me someway or makes me want to do thing that is out of my comfort zone. So, I wanted to tag the person here or have his posts linked but for some reason, my way of conversion from my document to html isn't allowing me to embed the link. I'll have that working on the next weekly.

But for now, the artist that I started following this week is: Justin Lim (@hurtingbombz) in instagram. Check him out and his content. I liked his style of videography that is all soothing and vintagy. I don't think "vintagy" is a word but that is how I feel it.

Friendly Reminder

Time flies and it is flying fast. It is April 27 of 2024, ALREADY. That meant, we are about 36% of the way in this year. I was thinking that yesterday and thought I shouldn't be the only person stressing about it.


Sorry, about the title. I had to have it a little catchy but it wasn't horrible at all. With all of that out of the way, I'll catch you up next week. Send me your lovely creation on instagram. Chao.

4 mins to finish this blog.

1129 words read. Hooray!

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